Cheap Holidays to Mauritius 2016

Holidays to Mauritius are just what one really needs to recharge their batteries. However, there are plenty who are scared to go here thinking it’s too expensive. Well, not really. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the place without spending so much. In fact, cheap holidays to Mauritius are plenty nowadays. For the best cheap Mauritius holidays, check out these places.

Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa Mauritius Holidays

A beachfront property where guests can enjoy the golden sunset is the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa. Cheap holidays to Mauritius may be hard to find, but here you can find stay packages that won’t do so much damage on your wallet. The resort has prepared a lot of irresistible deals that you simply cannot miss. They give very good rates for advance purchases. In addition, they have very romantic offers for couples who are here on vacation.

The accommodations are impressive and sophisticated—typical of Hilton hotels. Mauritius holidays that are spent here will be more relaxing and memorable as the place is really good. The rooms are beautifully furnished and are filled with modern amenities that guests expect from good hotels. There’s a high speed internet connection, a mini bar, and plenty of electrical outlets for all your gadgets. Complete bathroom amenities are also available. The living spaces are roomy and absolutely comfortable.

For those who are after cheap Mauritius holidays 2013, the Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa should be included in your list of options. The resort has so much to offer when it comes to facilities and accommodations.

Hennesy Park Hotel Cheap Holidays to Mauritius

Hennesy Park Hotel is another good venue for cheap Mauritius holidays. Located in Ebene City, the hotel is accessible yet very peaceful and close to the beach. Known for its impressive service and modern facilities, this gives guests a chance to enjoy Mauritius without spending a fortune on accommodations. Here, Mauritius holidays will be fun for everyone as there are so many things that you can do while here. There’s a spa where guests can experience exotic body treatments like hot stone therapy and soothing massages. At the hotel, guests have access to lots of great restaurants and plenty of great shops as well.

The Hennesy Park Hotel has its own restaurants and dining here is a pleasurable experience you should not miss. Grain d’ Sel is a charming restaurant that serves yummy dishes. Combining great food with a relaxing atmosphere, your meals will certainly be more enjoyable. Sushi Me serves heartwarming Japanese cuisine that are made from the freshest ingredients. You will certainly come back for more. Those who’d like to have drinks can head to the hotel’s bar—John’s.

Le Suffren Hotel and Marina Cheap Mauritius Holidays

A very popular hotel for all kinds of travelers is the Le Suffren Hotel and Marina. This is a very good place to spend your vacation. The place is so accessible that even folks who are in Mauritius for business go here. The conference rooms are very elegant and sophisticated, making all business events a lot more memorable. Guests will also delight in the well equipped gym and the hotel’s many sports facilities. The hotel also arranges cruise rides for those who’d like to explore the beauty of the island.

The accommodations offered in this place are very impressive. Using only soothing colors and homey furnishings, these rooms will welcome you as soon as you arrive. They are spacious and have their own balcony. There’s a high speed internet connection, a modern TV, and a spacious desk. There’s also a private bathroom with a separate shower—complete with bath essentials. Coffee and tea making facilities are featured in the room as well. For those who need more space, the junior suite is highly recommended.


Cheap holidays to Mauritius are offered by Le Suffren Hotel and Marina. Here you can enjoy great accommodations, world class service, great food, and all the modern facilities that will make your stay really comfortable. The hotel also boasts a number of classy restaurants so guests can enjoy gourmet meals all throughout their stay. There’s La Boussole that serves Mediterranean and Mauritian favorites. There are also a number of trendy bars where guests can enjoy their favorite drinks and cocktails.

Paradise Cove Hotel and Spa Cheap Holidays to Mauritius All Inclusive

Another highly recommended place for cheap holidays to Mauritius is the Paradise Cove Hotel and Spa. This is a boutique style hotel, set in a lovely location where guests can admire turquoise waters and fine milky-colored sand. The site is so lovely—a blissful haven where one can instantly forget all about the stress and demands of city life. Tall coconut trees, cloudless blue sky, and the wonder of the beach create a picture perfect backdrop for your vacation in Mauritius. Because of its secluded location and its charming homey vibe, this place is often chosen as a wedding and honeymoon venue. The place is very romantic, a place where time observes a slower pace. This is the perfect place to unwind, have fun at the beach and enjoy the sunny tropical weather.

The rooms are so inviting, stylishly decorated using island inspired themes combined with Oriental details. Colors of burgundy, fiery orange, and deep brown are used as accents to create a different kind of island vibe. One of their most popular offers is the Premium All Inclusive. This includes amazing accommodation, yummy gourmet meals, access to the spa, and so much more. This is the offer you don’t want to miss. If you want your Mauritian holiday to be really enjoyable, get this offer. You won’t regret it. On site, guests can enjoy lots of fun activities. They can go on a cruise, go kite surfing, sail, and burn calories at the fitness centre. Here, there are always something exciting to do.

Cheap holidays to Mauritius are no longer a dream nowadays. Book your stay in one of these hotels and recharge your batteries while enjoying the beach.