Enjoy Luxury Holidays Mauritius

A beach holiday is what everyone dreams about especially nowadays when everyone is busy with work, their gadgets, and all the other demand of modern day living. Mauritius holidays are some of the best ideas to have a break—that much needed vacation where you can wake up late and spend your day just having fun. While on vacation is the perfect time to bask in luxury and enjoy the finest things life has to offer. For the ultimate luxury holidays Mauritius, here are some nice options.

The Oberoi Mauritius: Mauritius Luxury Holidays


One idyllic venue to spend luxury holidays to Mauritius is the Oberoi Mauritius. This is among the most popular resorts perfect for Mauritius holidays. Here the sand is of fine powder, creating a nice border for the ocean water. This is a fascinating island paradise where days go much slower and the weather is close to perfection. The natural beauty of the place, combined with an extremely impressive service is bound to make all luxury holidays Mauritius a lot more fun and memorable. With luxury villas boasting amazing beach views, your stay will be as relaxing and as worry free as can be.

The accommodations in this place are simply breathtaking. The balance of the modern and the classic makes the rooms homey and blissful. Done mostly in neutral colors that mimic the delicate white sand, the overall ambience is harmonious and soothing to the senses. Huge picture windows dominate the villas and the open design allows the beauty of the beach to be seen from the inside. For unforgettable Mauritius luxury holidays, this resort is highly recommended.

Luxury holidays to Mauritius are all about the beach and ultimate relaxation. The Oberoi has its own spa and fitness centre. Expert healing hands who trained in Indonesia will help you soothe all your stress and pains away. Enjoy an aromatic herbal bath or a detoxifying spa ritual. Guests can also participate in yoga classes for some serious meditation. Luxury holidays Mauritius will not be complete without indulging one’s taste buds. For yummy comfort foods like pizza and BBQ’s, guests can head to On The Rocks Restaurant after a spa treatment.

At the Oberoi, guests can also go on a cruise and have the most exciting Mauritian beach experience.

The St. Regis Mauritius Resort: Luxury Holidays to Mauritius

The St. Regis Mauritius Resort is another haven perfect for luxury holidays Mauritius. This is a blissful place, with plenty of greenery. It is a quiet and peaceful retreat where one can spend a highly awaited vacation. The accommodations are grand and well thought of. You’d definitely feel like a royalty all throughout your stay. Combining an extravagant living space with elegant furnishings, the whole ambience is blissfully luxurious—something that will make one feel special. The guestrooms are spacious and allow the view of the beach to be seen from inside. There’s a private terrace, a flat screen TV, and a contemporary entertainment system. Views of the ocean will also make your stay a lot more tranquil and relaxing.


The beauty of staying at the St. Regis Mauritius Resort is that guests can customize their stay so they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. With their stay offers and packages, guests can also save a great deal as discounts are being given away on a regular basis. Enchanted Moments at The St. Regis Mauritius Resort, their Escapade Package, and Stay, Surf, and Savour, are only among their most in-demand offers. There’s an internet access on site, a secure parking, and valet service. The resort also arranges various tours for tourists. At the resort, there’s a wonderful spa where everyone can be pampered with fragrant aromas of essential oils delivered by experts. Guests can also ride a horse, go fishing, and spend the day at the beach. Here, Mauritius luxury holidays are a lot of fun.

Royal Palm Mauritius Holidays All Inclusive

As one of the reputable Beachcomber Hotels, this is a highly recommended place for luxury holidays Mauritius. This is a very blissful home away from home, where guests can be close to the beach and enjoy sunny days. The place is very classy and the service here is good. If you want to be able to relax fully and be far from all the noise of the city life, this is the perfect place for you. For newlyweds, they have a honeymoon offer. They also have a family offer for those who are in Mauritius for a well deserved family vacation. For those who will arrange for their stay in advance, great discounts await.

Where else can guests enjoy some really relaxing body treatments than at the spa? Using only the best organic ingredients that nature provides, your spa session will be filled with soothing aromas of plant extracts. The moisture quencher is perfect for those with dry skin, while the sun glow is highly recommended for those who want a goddess/god like bronze that everyone will envy. The Royal Palm Massage is also very popular for those who want to be relaxed and pampered fully.

Dining at the Royal Palm is an experience you should definitely look forward to. The resort has a number of restaurants, all of them serving satisfying gourmet meals. This is a very popular terrace restaurant that provides guests with a romantic ambience. Both local and international favorites are served here so the place is worth trying.

Royal Palm is a tourist’s playground and those who love the beauty of nature will certainly have a great time here. The whole property is a tribute to the beach and is surrounded by lush greenery and is under a cloudless perfect blue sky.

For those who are interested in luxury holidays Mauritius, you need not worry. Mauritius is not only famous for its fabulous beaches, but also for its luxury hotels and resorts as well. Here you will be pampered from day one. Book your stay in any of these hotels and have your vacation of a lifetime.