Mauritius Holiday Deals: Must Try

Mauritius is among the most favorable tourist destinations in the world. It is rich in natural wonders and is incomparably beautiful. For those who love the beach and the sun, Mauritius is a place you definitely should visit. Nowadays, Mauritius holidays are highly coveted simply because all of us deserve a blissful break every once in a while. For those who would love to spend some time in this beautiful paradise, here are some of the best Mauritius holiday deals for you.

La Pirogue Mauritius Holiday Deals


Surrounded by beautiful greenery, this resort is known for its really cool holiday deals to Mauritius. This is a great place to spend your Mauritius holidays as it is such a peaceful retreat. Featuring the enchanting waters of the Indian Ocean, your stay here will truly be memorable. The beach is simply tranquil, with bright blue ocean water and powdery latte colored sand. The accommodations are impressive, and features great view of the mountains and the waters. The resort feature Wi-Fi internet connection, sophisticated conference rooms, and photography services. Actually, all the things you expect in a luxurious hotel can be found here. Luxury holidays Mauritius spent here are simply more worthwhile.

The Residence Belle Mare Mauritius Holidays Deals

Some of the best Mauritius holiday deals are offered at the Residence Belle Mare. This is a luxury resort that showcases the beauty of the Indian Ocean and the fine Mauritian sand. If you only want the most extravagant holiday deals to Mauritius, then look no further. This lace will cater to your needs and pamper you with their most exciting offers. From the proud architecture, to the customized service, to the clear blue waters of the beach, it is easy to see why this place is a favorite of many. It is a place that combines comfort and luxury and one that balances modern living and the beauty of nature.

The accommodations offered here are simply divine. With stunning views of the Indian Ocean, the Colonial Ocean Front Suites are among the most regal Mauritius holiday deals you can possibly get. The suites are spacious and feature their own terrace. There’s a coffee maker, a wide screen TV, and mini bar, and a luxurious bathroom with a supersized marble tub. There’s also a modern entertainment system that guests can use for all their needs. The design of the suites is elegant but lavish. The open design allows fresh air to circulate and refresh the senses.

The Sanctuary Spa is a very important feature of this resort. The whole place is very serene—with a soothing quiet atmosphere that allows guests to de-stress and unwind fully. This is the perfect place to indulge in a full body massage or a soothing bath ritual. The fragrant aromas of essential oils will surely take you to a better place and melt all your stress away. This is a fave spot of many.

Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa Holiday Deals to Mauritius

Cheap holiday deals to Mauritius can be very hard to find. However, guests can still get the most out of their stay buy choosing the Mauritius holiday deals that can allow them to do the things they love while on vacation. At the Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Spa, discounts are being given away all the time—giving guests a chance to save on their stay. These offers definitely feel like getting cheap holidays to Mauritius. Their honeymoon offer gives up to 60% off on hotel rates. They also have a family offer and early booking offer. Depending on how you want to spend your Mauritian stay, you’d be able to find the best stay package for you.


Here at the resort, guests will be able to spend a great amount of time outdoors and become active physically. There are a variety of sports that they can engage in such as yoga, aerobics, beach volleyball. They can also ride a bike and spend some time at the sauna.

Four Seasons Resort Anahita

There are so many resorts to choose from in Mauritius but one resort worth trying is Four Seasons Resort Anahita. This resort is amazing and really is a beach haven. They have so many Mauritius holiday deals to choose from, most of them offering a huge amount of savings and unbelievable rates. Their breakfast and dinner package is very popular, as well as their stay longer deals.

The resort has magnificent views of the mountains from not so far away. The beach is at its finest and here, guests can spend as much time as they want to. They can swim, stroll along the shore, play water sports, and get a gorgeous tan. This is an island retreat unlike no other—a peaceful intimate haven perfect for your dream holiday by the beach.

Mauritius holidays spent at the Four Seasons Resort Anahita are bound to be memorable and a whole lot of fun. One of the best things to do while here is feast on so many different kinds of delicious foods. The place is known for its amazing restaurants—all with the perfect beach vibe. The casual ambience of Le Club is popular among guests who would like to be able to relax while dining. This is a non-stuffy place where the food is great and the service is good. They serve Mauritian fried noodles, some pastas, yummy burgers, and sashimi. They also serve exotic maki. Those who have a sweet tooth will love all the desserts that they serve here. They have apple tart, panna cotta, mango tart, and chocolate fudge cake.

There is a spa at the resort where guests can experience lavish pampering. There’s also a golf course, a fitness centre, tennis courts, and a kids’ club. Here you will totally right at home and be able to enjoy all the modern comforts while in paradise.

Choosing the best Mauritius holiday deals can be a whole lot of fun if you know what to pick. Book your stay and have fun in Mauritius.